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The Wanderpreneurs' Club

Freedom to Flow Naturally Through Your Desirable Life
Guidance, Support, and Mentoring by Kristi Murphy

Being a Wanderpreneur is about wandering through your dream life. Whether you want to travel the world, hang out in your own backyard, or invest in a lot of real estate

Truth Bomb: 90% of businesses fail within three years. I don’t want that to be you because you have the passion, talent, and those that know you actually think of you as the go-to-person. Not to mention, YOU deserve to have your dreams come true. 

The Wanderpreneurs' Club is here to help you become an expert entrepreneur that way you can have long term success and overcome the odds that all business owners face. 

Finally, you can say goodbye to the overwhelming, frustrating, doubtful, stressful, alone feelings that you have been experiencing. 

It’s time to transform your life as a Wanderpreneur with support from not only myself but also your Wanderpreneur friends.

I rather be on top of the world with my tribe than to be looking down at my tribe. Part of my dream is to make you successful. 
There is nothing cheesy, fluffy, or sparkly about this. Only real results for true Wanderpreneurs 
PLUS: You finally get Kristi on your team!
Julie O'Connor
CEO and Jewelry Designer of 
Julie Elizabeth Designs
"“I went to bed $400 away from my monthly goal (which would be double my best month so far) and I woke up at $15.1K for the month of May 2017! I couldn't have done it without you!" 
Have you ever been lost wishing someone would just 
"drop you a pin" so you could find your way? 

Starting a business can feel like that. 
GOOD NEWS, Kristi has dropped the pin for you!
Each day there are new claimed experts pitching to you and your business friends. It can be hard to see through the fog, fluff, and scams.

Over 94% of my clients have previously worked with another business coach, consultant, strategist, or expert. Unfortunately, they invested thousands of dollars ($10,000 average) and did not get the help they truly needed. The results they were receiving was more debt.

They were getting fed cookie cutter methods, cheerleader support, and broken pinky promises.

Picture a network marketing company. You have a downline and everyone does the same thing. That's basically what they were getting trapped inside of. Insane right? I think it's scary!

The good news is, I don't use cookie cutter methods. In fact, I have told clients in the past to rip up the documents they paid for and never rely on them when creating their business.

It's my mission to keep you in alignment and provide you the value you actually need. I am not turning anyone into me. I am here to turn your passion into a successful freedom based business no matter the industry or business model.

However, if you do want to master Network Marketing and if you have always wished there was a way to travel, eat, drink, and make money as you make memories... then I can teach all about that too inside the club.
This is for the soul rebel that does not want to be stuck as a forever dreamer because something inside of her is saying 


Instead, her soul craves real legit freedom and abundance for everything she truly desires. She is ready to become a Real Wanderpreneur!

My intuition is telling me this is YOU! 
The All Inclusive Wanderpreneur Journey 
  • Hands-On Group Calls: Every 1st and 3rd Wanderpreneur Wednesday join Kristi for coaching 
  •  Online Portal: This is where you will have access to all business training videos, workbooks, etc. 
  •  Private Community on Facebook: This is a private group on Facebook to give you more support
  •  Always Current Coaching: The industry is always changing, therefore we are always adapting 
  •  Annual Wanderpreneur Business Event: 10% discount and the opportunity to win tickets to attend.
  •  One on One Coaching with Kristi: Receive a 5% discount when you're ready for more support
This is easily valued at $1,000 per month
Luxury Travel
Savings Every Day to Everywhere 

Wanderpreneurs receive our private contracted rates that ALWAYS beat what's online for resorts, hotels, cruises, rental cars, and attractions.

If you find a cheaper rate, we'll refund you 110% of the difference back! But most of the time you are saving 30% to 70% on rates.

Not mention we have vacation packages that are all-inclusive so you don't have to plan it out or miss the best attractions on your trip. 

Luxury Homes
Planning A Retreat for Your Clients?

I am ALWAYS being asked questions regarding planning retreats and events so it only makes sense that I help you increase your profits! 

All Wanderpreneurs can book luxury homes from all around the world for thousands LESS than VRBO or AirBnB.

White Glove Conierge
Ever wanted to have a personal assistant?
Wanderpreneurs you deserve it! Whether you are in another country needing something, need help planning your retreat or family reunion, need reservations for your hot date, or even want to scare your kids with a phone call saying "Mom is on her way home, the house better be clean [CLICK]" ...This is it! 

Legal Services
Protect Your Legacy

A lot of my clients ask me legal questions, I am not a lawyer so I decided it was time for a legal service to help us. Here's a list of services you'll receive: 

Free Consultations Anytime
Create Your Will for Free
Discounts on ALL Legal Services 
TAX RETURN Preparation Annually 

Identity Protection
Wanderpreneurs RISK MANAGEMENT is Huge!

I am always preaching the importance of risk management. It was a no-brainer that if we are wandering through our dream lives we need to be covered! 

$1 Million in Identity Theft Coverage
Proactive Monitoring & Moblie Alerts 
Full Resolution Services

Be Treated Like James Bond
Who doesn't want to receive more with a click of a button or phone call? James Bond got it all and MORE... and now you will too!! 

Roadside Assistance 
Dining Discounts (80k Restaurants)
Shopping Discounts 
Golf Discounts 
and MORE

MORE Mentorships
We've Called in MORE Experts for Help!

Financial Mentoring: 
Eliminate your debts, multiply your money, and create multiple streams of income.

Relationship Mentoring: 
Improve your dating, marriage, and parenting.

Health Mentoring: 
Improve your health with fitness and meal plans.

Leverage This, Make MORE
Muliple Streams of Income!

What if I told you we can take everything that you are getting today to help you build your own brand and income stream around everything I mentioned?

My goal is to help you make more money, learn how to with all kinds of income streams, and with this I want to add $800 from this, stream in the first 30 days and work on building you up to $5K months and beyond.

This would be like Network Marketing BUT we aren't going to promote you like a "Normal Network Marketer." 

 My greatest desire is to make memories. Now I make money from making memories, helping others make more memories, and teaching others how to help others make more memories too! 
 But you're not paying that, HECK NO!
$500 Enrollment Fee 
$100 per Month 
Why You Should Allow Kristi to Join Your Adventure to Success:
Kristi Murphy is your Business Coach and Consultant, that knows more than Joe, the average business coach. She knows it all from how to implement the right structures, systems, strategies, and streamline activities into your business to risk management, financial planning, managing, sales funnels, business events, retreats, group programs, re-branding for alignment, teaching anything techy, and creating and launching passive income courses to products.  She knows how to transform you into a Business Owner Pro with freedom, wealth, and success.

She helps business owners not only learn how to increase their income and add income streams but she also teaches them how to keep, invest, and grow their income too. Managing and growing your net worth while creating longevity and the harmony between your business and lifestyle.

Outside of the typical business needs, she also LOVES to work on all the inner work for each entrepreneur. She loves guiding and supporting her clients on the adventure to finding their intuition and teaching them how to stay in alignment. She also teaches and practices patience, self-awareness, conscious language, setting intentions, and finding your true voice and speaking from it.

She is a natural at being a business expert and showing her clients how they can be one too in a way that promotes FREEDOM, WEALTH, and SUCCESS in their lives too!
Those that do not take action, do not receive results.
Kristi shows up for you as much as you show up for yourself.
“Working with Kristi has been an incredible journey for both my personal life and business!
She has opened up a layer of myself I didn’t know existed and I feel like a confident bad a** every time I have a session with her. Kristi has been an angel on my shoulder during my dream business launch. Helping me overcome fears, limiting beliefs, business obstacles, and technical issues all the way to being there when I need a friend to lean on and support to lift me back up.

While looking for a coach to guide me, I never imagined a coach to be so hands on in my business to give me ease and a piece of mind. If I am struggling in one area she is right there with support and makes sure it’s resolved before moving forward. I am so grateful our paths have crossed and I have this gem in my corner!”

Michelle Arnold
Content Creation Strategist
“Kristi has been an absolute godsend in my business. In December 2017 I had some HUGE goals to finish out the year, and in the beginning of the month, I really wasn’t sure how I was going to make them happen. 

I hopped on a call with Kristi and we reworked my business model to make my goals not only achievable but well within reach. 

I ended the moth with more than $10,000 in sales thanks to Kristi’s expert guidance, I’m aiming even higher in January, and I know exactly what I need to do to make my visions a reality!"
Audrey Shore
Success & Abundance Coach for Entrepreneurs 
"Kristi is definitely going places with her successful business! She is extremely knowledgeable in bringing together your dreams and ideas into a cohesive and streamlined structure. She is always willing to give you 110% of herself, as she helps builds your business right in front of your eyes with 1:1 sessions!!!

When you are confused, she finds the way to bring you back on track and lets you know where you are falling short, and how to move forward with confidence.

Kristi's authenticity, knowledge, intellect, and beautiful soul is the REAL DEAL. She is building a strong and recognizable business and wants to reflect all that plus success into your business too. Kristi is someone I am lucky to work with, and I look forward to continuing to work with!!
Ashley Pearson 
Interior and Business Brand Designer
Check Out What 
Kristi Has Packed
Just For YOU:
She's currently packing more training courses for you too. 
Here is everything else on it's way to YOU starting soon!
The Wanderpreneurs' Club
Kristi is the Queen of Opportunities. Now you've seen both opportunities. The most popular option is the VIP upgrade for $3 extra dollars per month.

Compare Your Options Below:
VIP Wanderpreneurs
Enrollment fee of $500, billed monthly $100, cancel anytime.
  • Hands-On Group Calls
  •  Online Portal with ALL Kristi's Business Trainings
  •  Private Community on Facebook
  •  Always Current Business Coaching
  •  Annual Wanderpreneur Business Event Discount
  • Discounts on Private Coaching with Kristi
  • BEST Vacation Packages 
  • Deeply Discounted Luxury Homes Rentals 
  • Booking Engine with 110% Price Difference Money Back Guarantee
  • Concierge Services
  • Discounts to Major Brand Retailers, Attractions, Resturants, Golfing, etc.
  • Roadside Assistance 
  • Legal Services Discounted 
  • Free Legal Consultations with An Attorney 
  • Deeply Discounted Legal Fees 
  • Free Will (Life Exit Plan) 
  •  Annual Tax Return Preparation 
  • Financial, Relationship, and Health Mentoring 
  • and more benefits...
Billed monthly, three month commitment , cancel anytime after that
  • Hands-On Group Calls
  •  Online Portal with ALL Kristi's Business Trainings
  •  Private Community on Facebook
  •  Always Current Business Coaching
  •  Annual Wanderpreneur Business Event Discount 
  • Discounts on Private Coaching with Kristi
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